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Forestry Contracting -
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In a world of designers, engineers, consultant foresters, regulators, and natural resource managers, we fill a unique niche - we are forestry contractors. We have forestry, botany, conservation ecology and environmental technology backgrounds, and we put them to work implementing real-world solutions to natural resource management projects.

Welcome to Carolina Silvics...welcome to your successful project!
  1. Other Services
    Other Services
    From urban forest inventory and university research to pre-commercial thinning and large-scale timber marking, our team of scientists work in a wide-variety of settings. Contact us for more information.
  2. Mitigation Planting
    Mitigation Planting
    Mitigation planting is more than the physical act. It's locating the proper stock, managing the logistics of delivery of installation, AND ensuring proper planting technique.
  3. Stormwater Planting
    Stormwater Planting
    Knowing the correct micro-site for herbaceous plugs is vitally important to their success. Let our 15+ years of planting experience ensure your plants get placed correctly.
  4. Invasive Spp Mgmt
    Invasive Spp Mgmt
    Invasive species management can be costly. We can perform comprehensive botanical surveys, pinpoint the species of greatest concern, and maximize your control efforts.

​​"Mary-Margaret and her team have always done a super job planting the live stakes and bare root stock on our projects. On time and always within the specs required.  We try to use Carolina Silvics on all out projects. "

                                                                                                                                                         - Mike Rudkin, Backwater Environmental