Restoring & Managing Natural Communities Since 1999
About Us
Quality that Exceeds Expectations
Started in 1999, Carolina Silvics, Inc. is a forestry and natural resources contracting firm dedicated to the stewardship and sound management of our forests and natural communities. Our Regsistered Foresters, ecologists, and forestry technicians love what they do and bring that enthusiam to every project.

We pride ourselves on our diverse portfolio, including projects for government, private sector and non-profit clients. We believe that building strong client relationships is incredibly important and we work closely with our clients to engender complete trust.  

Our team has a great wealth of experience and knows that, despite the complexity of the restoration process and the seemingly competing interests of the stakeholders,
at the end of the day A SUCCESSFUL SITE is everyone's goal. 

  1. J. Dwight McKinney Jr., RF (1971 - 2013)
    J. Dwight McKinney Jr., RF (1971 - 2013)
    Dwight founded Carolina Silvics in 1999. Though we lost him in 2013 his legacy lives on in the forests he managed, the stems he planted, and the lessons he taught us.
  2. Mary-Margaret McKinney, RF President
    Mary-Margaret McKinney, RF President
    With nearly 25 years of experience in restoring hardwood forests and managing environmental projects, Mary-Margaret excels in turning challenges into solutions.
  3. Josh Merritt
    Josh Merritt
    Josh manages our Apex, NC office and all it's varied projects throughout the state. His can-do attitude, problem-solving skills, and ability to talk to anyone make him an asset on any project.
  4. Grainger Coughtrey
    Grainger Coughtrey
    Grainger manages all of our living shoreline projects and can also be found working on planting and invasive management projects. Grainger's attention to detail ensures projects are done to specs, and his easy-going nature makes them stress-free.